COVID-19 conditions

New general measures of praxis, safety and hygiene

At La Patente we have always followed exhaustively the APPC hygiene and cleaning protocols (hazard analysis and critical control points) typical of our sector. In the current context (covid-19) we have implemented the current regulations set by the Ministry of Health applying the SPECIAL COVID-19 PREVENTION AND SAFETY PROTOCOL.

General conditions:

• Reduced capacity and reorganization of distances (They will be adapted according to the progress of the different phases). It is specified that for the course to be carried out, it must have a minimum of 70% of the total enrollments of its capacity, otherwise it will be canceled and the client will be provided with a voucher (without expiration) so that he can enroll in another course in ahead.
• All those attending the activities must follow the protocol and application of regulations.
• To access the space, attendees must arrive and remain in the course with their mask on while cooking. The mask must be approved (surgical or FP2).

• Upon arrival it will be necessary: hand washing + hydroalcoholic gel.
• Each attendee will be offered a glass, dossier and pen (these should be for individual use and kept for the entire session).
• The cooking courses will be participatory.
• The Patent reserves the Right of Admission if for any reason upon arrival or during the course, the attendees do not adopt the measures of the established protocol; losing -in that case- the option to take or recover the acquired course.

Cooking practices:

• COVID-19 is not a foodborne disease, but we must consider a remote possibility of cross contamination, so:
• The chef will have taken care of washing and disinfecting the vegetables, fruits and vegetables with approved food disinfectant and will have the entire mise en place prepared.

• Punctually and due to responsibility, due to the current situation of covid-19, we offer 2 options:

1) stay to taste the preparations in our space (attendees will sit with enough space between them)

2) “take away” option offering disposable tuppers to take home the preparations.

The Patent is a cooking school and it lacks production permits, which is why at the time of taking the elaborations out of the premises, La Patente Barcelona is evaded of responsibility, in case of suffering any intolerance or intoxication for it. Upon arrival at the workshop, the user will fill out a self-responsibility form.

Cleaning and Disinfection:

• Our Staff will be equipped with PPE.
• Disinfection of merchandise upon receipt.
• Intensification of daily cleaning and disinfection tasks in common spaces. Ventilation and disinfection of the classroom before and after each workshop, with approved hydroalcoholic disinfectants.
• Intensification of cleaning and disinfection tasks for items that can be grabbed or used frequently. Kitchen material and kitchenware (glassware, crockery …) disinfected according to the washing temperature protocol and single-use material in some cases.
• Increased cleaning and disinfection of toilets.